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Virginia Clean Water Farm Award

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation sponsors the Virginia Clean Farm Award. This program recognizes farms that “exemplifies the use of practices that protect and enhance water quality.” The Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District submits nominees to Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation after evaluation and approval by the District’s Board of Directors. From the pool of Award recipients, “Grand Basin” Award winners are selected. These winners “must meet criteria of the Clean Water Farm Award and demonstrate exceptional conservation on the land and in managing operations.” For more information and to download the application form, click here.

For more information on past Award winners, visit the Annual Reports.

Past Award Winners


James River Basin Winner Paul Coleman
York River Basin Winner James Kean


York River Basin Winner and Grand Basin Award Bracketts Farm, E.A. Nolting Charitable Foundation
James River Basin Winner Friendship Court (City of Charlottesville) and Modesto Farms LLC (Albemarle County)


James River Basin Winner Dave Norford at Piedmont Manor Farm (Albemarle County)
York River Basin Winner Mark & Doniphan Howland at Corduroy Farm (Louisa County)


James River Basin Winner Rivanna Farm
York River Basin Winner Robert Norton at Norfields Farm (Louisa County)


TJSWCD Agricultural Programs

The District provides technical assistance to landowners for the planning, design, and installation of agricultural conservation practices and for farm conservation planning in general.

The District locally administers the Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practice (BMP) Cost Share and Tax Credit Program. Farmers: Why Participate?

These programs provide funding to exclude livestock from streams, provide alternative watering systems, plant cover crops, convert cropland to grass, convert to continuous no-till, and sidedress application of nitrogen on corn, among others.

For further details on these funding programs please click on the links below:



 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Programs

The federal programs are administered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The TJSWCD works closely with the NRCS to support local implementation of the federal programs listed below. This partnership allows the District to better serve the landowners seeking assistance and environmental benefits are maximized. NRCS staff also provides technical assistance to landowners for conservation planning, animal waste management plans, and grazing plans. Contact your area NRCS conservationist bby clicking on these links: Albemarle/Nelson; Louisa/Fluvanna  


Agricultural Stewardship Act (ASA)

The ASA provides a procedure by which agricultural water quality problems can be addressed by looking at each farm individually, rather than having a strict set of regulations governing every type of farming practice. The procedure is complaint-based, with complaints submitted to the Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Soil and Water Conservation Districts were given the opportunity to conduct the investigations to determine if the subject of a complaint is actually causing pollution. The TJSWCD, believing that local administration of such a regulation is preferable, accepted this responsibility. The TJSWCD will also provide technical assistance to the farmer to develop a plan to alleviate water quality problems resulting from their operations.

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