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The Thomas Jefferson SWCD places great emphasis on education to promote natural resource conservation. Some of the educational activities the district offers are listed below, followed by more detailed descriptions.
  • Scholarships available for students to continue their education in conservation or environmental science.
  • Youth Conservation Camp scholarships are available to send two students to a week long camp in July.
  • Educational presentations (inluding Meaningful Watershed Education Experiences (MWEEs) to school groups, such as those at Camp Albemarle
  • Sponsorship of field days, demonstrations, and technical workshops.
  • Sponsorship of an Envirothon (environmental competition) for high school students.
  • Community newsletter provides up-to-date conservation information.
  • Availability of the Enviroscape watershed model for classroom use.

Enviroscape Model

TJSWCD Conservationist, Martin Johnson, conducts a watershed education activity in an elementary school classroom.

What is the Enviroscape?
The Enviroscape is a three dimensional teaching tool which visually demonstrates the water movement within a watershed. It is an interactive, portable model of a watershed that illustrates both water pollution and its prevention. Teaching with the Enviroscape is a hands-on, balanced approach that effectively demonstrates how protecting water quality is a whole community's responsibility. It allows students to be both the polluters as well as the protectors of the environment.

Who is the targeted audience for the Enviroscape? The Enviroscape is appropriate for all ages. Depending on the age group, the degree of detail can be adjusted to suit the audience's attention span and level of comprehension.

What can I teach with the Enviroscape?
1. Watershed Dynamics
2. Sources of Pollution
3. How Pollution Occurs
4. How Pollution Can Be Prevented

How can I use the Enviroscape to address concerns in my area?
The Enviroscape is a generic landscape that teaches responsible land use. Make the message personal and its significance increases. Use examples within your community. Is there a local golf course? Has anyone left a cleared building site without vegetation for months? Is your community serviced by a septic system? Encourage your students to make these connections to their community and let them come up with some real solutions that could be applied to problem areas.

Where can I access an Enviroscape model to use for my classes?
The TJSWCD will loan out the Enviroscape for a $25 deposit. Contact Lauriston DaMitz or call the office (434) 975-0224.

Where can I get trained to use the Enviroscape?
When you borrow the Enviroscape from the Thomas Jefferson Soil & Water Conservation District, the model comes with a user guide. In addition, the District can provide an age appropriate lesson plan. If you would like more training, you are welcome to attend an Enviroscape workshop conducted by TJSWCD.


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