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NEW Monthly Rain Barrel Workshops

Monthly rain barrel workshops, 5:30-7pm on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the TJSWCD office. For full details click here. FIrst one to be help August 13th. Contact Lauriston for more details, 434-975-0224 ext 107.


The TJSWCD sells Rain Barrel Kits with the necessary parts and instructions to construct at home for $75. Please contact Lauriston DaMitz (phone 434-975-0224) if you wish to purchase a rain barrel or are interested in having workshop information. The TJSWCD also has incentive funding for homeowners to install cisterns greater than 250 gallons. Please go to our Conservation Assistance Program page for further details.

Important Documents

Make-Your-Own Rain Barrel Instructions

Earthminded rain barrel installation video

PowerPoint presentation on rain barrels here

ACSA Rain Barrel Rebate Form If you get your water from the Albemarle County Service Authority, here is the form that you can fill out and send to the ACSA.

Charlottesville City Public Utilities Rebate Form If you get your water from Charlottesville City Public Utilities, here is the form that you can fill out and send to the Public Utilities.

Rain water hub: A device to make positioning rain barrels more convenient.

Rain chains: A decorative piece for the rain water enthusiast.

Rain handlers: An alternative to gutters.

 Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the practice of collecting rainwater from rooftops and storing it for later use. Systems can range from a simple rain barrel installed at a downspout, to an elaborate system with water disinfection, filters and pumps to provide either potable or non-potable water inside buildings. Click here to see more information on Rainwater Harvesting and Rain Gardens.

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