TJSWCD Board of Directors. Pictured (left-right): Irvin White, Steven Meeks, Tom Pratley, David Collins, Brian Wagner, Lonnie Murray, Rich Collins, John Easter, John Conover, Rob Parrish, and James Kean. (Absent from Photo: Paul Davis, Charlotte Rea, and Carrie Swanson)



The Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District (TJSWCD) serves the Virginia counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Louisa and Nelson, as well as the city of Charlottesville. Soil and Water Conservation Districts are self-governed subdivisions of State government. The 47 Districts across Virginia are funded through local government appropriations and State and Federal grants. The Board of Directors of each District is made up of unpaid, locally elected citizens who set priorities and guide the activities and programs of the District.

The TJSWCD works in partnership with various local, state and federal agencies and organizations. These partnerships allow us to provide comprehensive and efficient natural resource assistance. Being locally directed, Districts are in the position to be able to respond to local concerns. Upon request, our programs and activities can vary to meet the needs of the localities.


Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) were established in the 1930's to develop comprehensive programs and plans to conserve soil resources, control and prevent soil erosion, prevent floods and conserve, develop, utilize and dispose of water. The current focus of most SWCDs in Virginia is the control and prevention of "nonpoint source" (NPS) water pollution, which is the pollution that occurs when stormwater runs over land areas and carries pollutants into downstream waterways. The TJSWCD does that through technical assistance to citizens and local governments, financial assistance to landowners, and educational programs for both youth and adults.

Soil and Water Conservation Districts are political subdivisions of the Commonwealth, authorized under the Code of Virginia, 10.1-500 through 10.1-573.         


Albemarle County: Lonnie Murray (; Steven Meeks, Vice Chair (
City of Charlottesville: Rich Collins (; John Conover, Treasurer (
Fluvanna County: Robert Parrish (; Tom Pratley (
Louisa County: James Kean (; Brian Wagner, Chair (
Nelson County: David Collins (
At-Large Appointment: John Easter, Secretary (
Virginia Cooperative Extension Appointment: Carrie Swanson (
Associate Directors: Irvin White (; and Charlotte Rae ( 


District Manager: Alyson Sappington (
Management Analyst: Alicia Welch (
Urban Conservation Specialist: Martin Johnson (
Conservation Program Manager: Emily Nelson (Albemarle/Nelson) (
Conservation Specialist: Raleigh Coleman (Louisa/Fluvanna) (
Conservation Specialist: Luke Longanecker(
Conservation Specialist: Nicola McGoff (
Conservation Technician: Brian Walton (
Education Coordinator: Lauriston DaMitz (
Water Resources Planner: Elizabeth Chudoba (


See the Annual Report for Director and Staff bios.   

USDA Natural Resources Conservation
   Albemarle, Fluvanna, Louisa, & Nelson Counties
   39 Industrial Drive, Suite 2, Louisa, VA 23093
   540-967-0233, ext. 3
District Conservationist, Louisa/Fluvanna: Dana Bayless
District Conservationist, Albemarle/Nelson: Kory Kirkland
Soil Conservation Technician: Ross Norton