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Native meadows attract pollinators such as butterflies

Native meadows attract pollinators such as butterflies

The Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP) is a cost-share program for residential or other developed land uses, providing financial, technical, and educational assistance to property owners who install eligible Best Management Practices (BMP’s) in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay Watershed. The Charlottesville Conservation Assistance Program (CCAP) is similar in its purpose, but has additional support from the City of Charlottesville to further encourage practice implementation within the City. VCAP and CCAP practices can help you…

  • Control erosion
  • Conserve water within the landscape
  • Improve riparian buffer areas
  • Promote native vegetation and wildlife habitats
  • Treat and control stormwater runoff

Steps to apply for funding for a residential conservation practiceEligible Practice

  1. Conservation Landscaping
  2. Impervious Surface Removal
  3. Permeable Pavement Installation
  4. Dry Wells
  5. Rainwater Harvesting
  6. Vegetated Conveyance System
  7. Constructed Wetlands
  8. Bioretention
  9. Rain Gardens
  10. Infiltration
  11. Green Roofs
  12. Urban Nutrient Management (this practice is available only Charlottesville)
  13. Pet Waste (this practice available only in Charlottesville)

If you would like more information about the VCAP or CCAP programs, please contact Conservation Technican Mary Eiserman at 434-975-0224 Ext. 102

VCAP Manual
VCAP Application Form
W-9 Tax Form – Required with application form