Making Best Management Practices (BMPs) Work for Your Farm!

We look at farm goals and conditions on the ground to determine what combination of BMPs will provide the greatest overall benefit to the property.

Flexibility and Options!

Over 20 Best Management Practices (BMPs) for croplands to meet the needs of individual properties.

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Common Cropland Practices

Cover Crops

Cover crops help to increase organic matter and available nutrients, reduce erosion, and improve soil productivity.

Nutrient Management Planning

Nutrient management planning helps increase soil health and yields while reducing fertilizer costs. Our staff can assist you in creating an NMP for your farm.

Cropland Conversion

Our programs promote conversion to fields with a healthy well-maintained perennial sod. Converting cropland to perennial fields helps to reduce soil erosion and improve soil health.

Erosion Control and Water Management

TJSWCD offers a variety of practices to help reduce erosion problems such as grassed waterways, critical area stabilization, or diversions.

Before and After Photos of Best Management Practices


Interested in learning more about Cropland Practices and Soil Health? Check out these YouTube Channels below!

TJSWCD Staff Favorite Resource Articles for Cropland.

Ten Ways Cover Crops Enhance Soil Health – SARE

Learn about how planting cover crops enhances soil health!

Cover Crop Economics – SARE

This document talks about the economics of cover crops by looking at multiple factors. It talks about short-term and long-term impacts of cover crops on yields and profit, how cover crops impact farms based on their problem areas (drought, weeds, or soil compaction), and the impacts of cover crops on the environment.

Rotations for Soil Fertility – NRCS

This article talks about how crop rotations can help with erosion, soil health, and nutrient availability. It also talks about planning and maintenance of crop rotations.

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