97% of all water on Earth’s surface is found in the oceans. This water is salty. The remaining 3% is freshwater, which is distributed into varying amounts. Specifically, 68% of that freshwater is trapped in glaciers and icecaps. 30% of this freshwater is trapped below you as groundwater. This means no matter where you are standing on Earth, it is a possibility that, at a given depth, the ground below you contains water. The remaining percent of freshwater is surface water such as rivers, lakes, and swamps. Unfortunately, most of the water, which comes from oceans, is not available for use. Much of the water that people use comes from rivers or groundwater. Therefore, a lot of the water used is transported to a water treatment plant, where it is cleaned so that it can be reused.

This DIY Water Filtration activity will demonstrate how muddy water goes through three different stages of filtration becoming more clear right before your very eyes. Attention! Do not drink the water in this activity.