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Thomas Jefferson Soil & Water Conservation District

An excellent perspective on how the health of the Chesapeake Bay has a lasting impact on food traditions of the entire Tidewater region.Pickled watermelon rind, muskrat brain, fried oysters, and clam— a range of dishes testify to eastern Virginia’s shifting relationship with the Chesapeake Bay.

Tidewater Virginians have long relied on the water for sustenance. In our new oral history collection, narrators recount how their cooking is rooted in Native settlements along marshes and rivers, seventeenth-century English occupation at Jamestown, nineteenth-century trade up the bay to Baltimore, and twentieth-century beach and yacht club tourism.

Listen here: bit.ly/2FklWlV

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Our office will be closed December 24th & 25th and will be open by appointment 26th thru 28th. Please call 805-455-2820 or email anne.coates@tjswcd.org if you need assistance. ...

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