TJSWCD localities

The TJSWCD works in partnership with our five member localities to support local conservation programs, and to bring state and federal conservation programs and resources to each community. We strive to provide services and support that meet the individual needs of each of our localities. In many cases, we provide technical support for conservation programs that are administered by these local governments. The TJSWCD is comprised of the following localities in Central Virginia:

The City of Charlottesville has a population of 46,597 and a land area of 10 square miles. It is the most developed of all our localities and falls under the requirements of federal and state water quality permitting (MS4 Permits) (link to B.b.6. MS4 Permit Program). The City joined the TJSWCD in 2006.

Albemarle County has a population of about 105,703 and a land area of 726 square miles. It is a mix of large expanses of agricultural land and a developed area that falls under the requirements of federal and state water quality permitting, Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permits.

Fluvanna County has a population of 26,235 and a land area of 286 square miles. While still primarily rural, Fluvanna County is developing rapidly.

Louisa County has a population of 34,602 and land area of 496 square miles, and is a rapidly developing county that includes Lake Anna with specific Shoreline Regulations.

Nelson County has a population of 14,850 and land area of 471 square miles. It is the most rural of our localities and includes the mountainous Wintergreen resort area.