Funding available to repair septic systems to improve water quality in the Goldmine Creek, Hardware River & Tye River Watersheds

Septic system maintenance tips

Septic system maintenance tips

Septic cost share processThe TJSWCD currently has funding available only to property owners in the Goldmine Creek Watershed , Hardware River Watershed and the Tye River Watershed  to assist with the repair and replacement of failing septic systems, connection to public sewer, and routine septic pump outs. Property owners in these three watersheds are eligible for 50% reimbursement towards the cost of expenses regardless of income. Some property owners, depending on income, may be eligible for up to 80% cost-share reimbursement.

Participants MUST apply to the program before having any work done in order to qualify.

Click one of the maps below to see if you live within an eligible watershed:

Goldmine Creek Watershed (portions of Louisa County)

Hardware River Watershed ( portions of Albemarle & Fluvanna Counties)

Tye River Watershed (portions of Nelson & Amherst Counties)

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Click Here to fill out an application for the Septic Program

Septic Contractor & Onsite Soil Evaluator List

All repairs or installations of septic systems must be coordinated with permitting from the local Virginia Department of Health.

Details of practices that may be funded through this program:
RB-1: Septic Tank Pumpout
RB-2: Connection to Public Sewer
RB-2P: Connection to Public Sewer with Pump
RB-3:  Sewage System Repair (permitted )
RB-3M: Sewage System Repair & Maintenance (non permitted)
RB-4: Conventional Sewage System Replacement (without pump)
RB-4P: Conventional Sewage System Replacement ( with pump)
RB-5: Alternative Sewage System Installation

Diagram of typical septic system